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The project consists of 4 modules that use visual storytelling and it’s developed in its entirety by eight NGO partners across six countries. 

4M Storytelling is a project established by young people and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The main (but not the only) output of the project is a method that facilitates the creation of various projects from the point of their ideas to what is needed to realize them. 4M stands for four modules within the method, each promoting and aiding an exclusive area of project development:

  • creative expression
  • media and advocacy
  • participation
  • fundraising

Each module can help in visualizing and organizing thoughts, ideas and requirements in order to make them a reality. It is a Storytelling method because through helping the user think in a more analytical, critical and creative way – it creates a story of ideas. Each such story can be shared and explained easily so that collaborators believe all of their ideas can be developed into tangible reality by first building common narrative rules.

Partners have developed 4 corresponding graphs for each module. Each such graph is different and stimulates developing projects from different angles. When it comes to creative expression, the TaleGraph mainly supports the user in building narrative structures. The SenseGraph is for media and advocacy and helps users in critically building the visible and invisible components of any output. The HiveGraph is used for analyzing different target groups to find mutual solutions in order to achieve participation. In the end, all good ideas need fundraising and that’s where the PlanGraph comes in. Its core is the highly complex topic of project management and fundraising. It simplifies them to terms that can give users an overview to better understand such an undertaking. 

The partners within the 4M Storytelling project are currently working on presenting their developments (the method, a web platform, online campaigns, local activities, tutorials, etc.) to the public, all of which will be announced in the following months. The partners are: 

● Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy)

● Hajde Creative (France)

● Illumniscate (Netherlands)

● Izvan Fokusa (Croatia)

● Legebitra (Slovenia)

● Roma Youth Organization of Croatia (Croatia)

● Udruga Mladih V.U.K. (Croatia)

● VRUM Kunst & Kulturverein (Austria)

Project Coordinator: Udruga mladih V.U.K.

Nino Preložnjak

4M Storytelling Lead Development

Ivan Milovanov

Fanni Hédi